Onaero Bay, New Zealand

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Black Bull

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Royal Dutch Extra & Super Strong

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Lambrini Light Sparkling Wine

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Premium Range from Adelaide, South Australia Available in NV Sparkling Shiraz and Barossa Valley Shiraz

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Finest Craft Beer from New Zealand

A combination of pale and crystal malts sets the base for this moderately hopped all New Zealand pale ale. On top of which are layered a selection of our finest local hops to provide the classic citrus aromas as well as marmalade, gooseberry and pine. Carefully balanced and astonishingly sessionable.

Red Square Premium Vodka.

Red Square Premium Vodka - Made with 100% grain to produce an excellence product. Distilled 7 times so the liquid is exceptionally smooth and perfect to mix.

Glen Moray 1989 Single Malt In Cask

Nose: Creamy, oily and meaty with a sweetness of cheesecake. Taste: Vanilla, honey, ginger and hint of cloves. Finish: Syrup & Spice.

Totara Bay (Wine of New Zealand)

This Sauvignon Blanc is an elegant, mouth-watering style with delicate aromas of limes,

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